As the project is an industrial building, the intent was to use large section glulaminated beams with face-fixed bolts & “T” brackets in order to give the visitors an insight into the nature of the connections used in engineered timber structures.

The glulam members on this project were supplied in European Larch, with each post and rafter frame formed using 240 x 560 timbers, each frame was connected to the next using 240 x 360 tie beams. We designed the column base connections to incorporate 6 no. M24 threaded rods internally resin-bonded into the bottom of the column, thus eliminating the aesthetic impact of visible fixings at low level.

Each eaves connection required 32 no. M24 x 280mm long galvanised mild steel bolts, with the Apex connections each using a further 8no. M24 x 280mm. There were 95 glulam members on this project, and a total of 1640 bolts. Please see the following link for a time lapse video of the installation process.