Steel & Glulam: The Best Of Both Worlds

Hybrid Structures

Hybrid Structures are becoming increasingly common nowadays, with companies trying to reduce costs in terms of onsite times and material costs whilst still giving aesthetically pleasing results they are proving to be the most practical solution, especially when taking into account the beauty of engineered timbers & the reduced overall project time when implementing offsite solutions i.e. roof/wall cassettes or SIPS. We are able to offer a complete service from design all the way through to installation, across a wide spectrum of materials including glulam, cross laminated timber & timber cassettes.

We have created some magnificent structures in the past working in partnership with some very prestigious clients including The WWF, The F.A. and various works in the construction of London 2012 Olympic sites.


Exterior of the new headquarters building of WWF-UK, the Living Planet Centre, Woking, Surrey. The Living Planet Centre is the inspirational new home of WWF-UK.  The Living Planet Centre allows WWF-UK to welcome visitors of all ages to witness the WWF experience and gain an insight into the work of WWF in the natural world. © Richard Stonehouse / WWF-UK

Previous Examples


Exeter University Campus








St.George's Park (F.A. Headquarters)

st georges park

Incorporating Glulam...

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Large Cantilevered StructuresExposed Ceilings
Bespoke DesignsExposed Applications
Regeneration of Historic BuildingsGlulam Bridges
Educational & Recreational FacilitiesCommercial Building Design
Leisure Centres, Auditoriums & Shopping MallsResidential Construction
Open spans & archesAvailable for internal & external use (treated)

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