Tree-like’ European Larch glulam frames, designed, manufactured & supplied by Constructional Timber support the deck, the roofs internally and the canopies externally. The new classroom and library enjoy views into the surrounding tree canopy. The covered external deck areas can be used for playtime or as an outdoor classroom. The low-energy building features a striking habitat wall designed and built in partnership with the pupils. The thickened wall accommodates bio-diverse habitats for birds, insects, small animals and plants.

The extension for Mellor Primary School provides a series of new spaces based on their ‘Forest School’ ethos. Believing that learning through the outdoor environment is key to helping children build resilience, resourcefulness and an ability to work together. It is, in effect, a ‘tree house’: a cluster of pitched roof forms set on a deck extending out into the landscape. The Western red cedar shingle cladding allows the building to sit comfortably in its Green Belt setting.

The building received a 'Wood Award' for its fantastic design and manufacture.