Stock Glulam Beams

Based at our site in Barnsley, South Yorkshire we carry a stock of around 200m3 of GL24h European Whitewood glulam beams, all PEFC Certified in a variety of section sizes. All our Glulam Beams can be cut to length and machined as necessary in our factory and are available for both delivery & collection. We can deliver nationwide and are able to carry out a variety of machining actions including, but not limited to: angled cuts; drilling; slotting; fabrication & fitting of hangers/brackets/base shoes etc. with no minimum order value and short lead times (dependant on stock availability.)

We can cater for all engineered timber requirements, this can be anything from a single Glulam beam up to the design, manufacture, supply & installation of complete projects. We have over 40 years experience and have managed projects which have revolved around the construction of velodromes, bridges, schools and leisure centres to name but a few. Should you have a project you wish to discuss with us please do not hesitate to get in touch and one of our dedicated project management team will be able to assist you.

What is a Glulam Beam?

A Glulam Beam is a structural timber  engineered from multiple individual laminations that are finger jointed together. They are then glued up and pressed to form one solid beam. 

The term glulam is an abbreviated term that stands for glue-laminated timber. A glulam beam is made with multiple layers of solid wood lumber bonded together with high-strength adhesive to form a single structural unit.

Glulam timber beams can be used in a wide variety of applications and for both indoor and outdoor projects.


Common forms include:

  • Straight Glulam beams, including lintels, purlins, ridge beams, and floor beams

  • Glulam Columns, including round, square, and complex sections

  • Tied rafters

  • Glulam Trusses

  • Glulam Tied arches

  • Glulam Arched bridge supports

  • Curved beams

Glulam Beam Stock Size Guide

Shown below is our stock range of Glulam Beams. All our glulam beams are Visual quality with a GL24H strength grade and come in at a 13.5m length. Should you require a different size we are more than happy to cut to length or plane down to size for you. 

Stock beams.jpg