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(Cross Laminated Timber)

What is CLT?

Cross laminated timber (CLT), also known as X-LAM, is a structural two-way spanning, prefabricated panel used to form structural walls, roofs and floors that are a sustainable application within residential, educational, commercial and sports & leisure sectors.


Unlike Glulam, CLT is formed by stacking a number of layers of timber each at 90 degrees to the one below, with the layers glued together over the entirety of their surface. Ranging from 3 to 7 layers thick as per loading requirements, these 2950mm wide and 16m long air-tight panels provide a more flexible, more climate-oriented approach to room design, consisting of less joints overall and in-turn, speeding up the erection period.


CLT Site Installation

Panels can be used either horizontally or vertically for use in floor, roof and wall applications. The cross laminating of timber guarantees minimal movement over time and CLT has a greater thermal stability compared to regular timber frame. Cross laminated timber panels are factory cut in a controlled environment using CNC technology ensuring the highest degree of accuracy. All timber used is PEFC certified, ensuring the raw material is from sustainably managed forests.

Unicorn Grocery.png

The Unicorn Grocery
Pictured above is the extension at Unicorn Grocery in Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Manchester. Constructional Timber manufactured, supplied installed Glulam & CLT shown. The Unicorn Grocery is a Supermarket which specialises in providing organic, fair-trade and local produce to the local community.

The clients vision was to extend their existing factory creating as little pollution as possible.

Cross Laminated timber (CLT) was used throughout the extension, as they were prefabricated offsite at our factory in Barnsley. This lowered the time spent installing on site which in turn helped reduce the overall carbon footprint of the building.

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