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Portal Frames

Portal frames are designed to provide a structural system that can be displayed for all to see. They work by have 2 glulam columns fixing to 2 rafters through the middle using an apex plate.


One main advantage of using portal frames, is that these can be made offsite leaving only the connecting brackets to secure on site. This leads to reduced site and craneage costs therefore reducing the environmental impact of the job.   

Portal frames can be constructed out of almost all types of timber, we usually use Spruce and Larch Glulam for our portal frames however in the past we have used: Douglas fir Glulam, Larch solid section and Oak.  

All materials used are measured in a factory environment with a choice of between visible or concealed metalwork & bolts with either a painted, galvanised or stainless steel finish to meet your requirements. Here at Constructional Timber we are able to provide a full package, from the design and detailing of the Portal Frames to the delivery and site erection of our works

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