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Royal Army Chaplains' Museum

 The Royal Army Chaplain's Museum in Shrivenham aims to showcase various artefacts throughout the history of the Armed forces.  

Through years of planning the main aim of this project was to tell the story of Faith within the armed forces. The structure has been set up to not only display their own history and artefacts but to create a new exhibition space for visiting displays.

The build consisted of solid section Spruce, European Whitewood Kerto LVL Panels and Spruce plywood internal wall panels. All the solid section Spruce was grade C24 and pressure impregnated off-site prior to our installations. 

All base shoes were grade S275 Mild Steel and fixings were grade 8.8 spun galv. All metalwork and fixings were then painted Iron Grey prior to installation. 







The Royal Chaplains Museum has been designed with an eco friendly approach and careful consideration was used to minimise the environmental impact. The existing waterway was kept in along with the surrounding trees. To support the structure a piled foundation system was used. 

All the timber used in this project was prefabricated off-site to reduce the time spend on site drastically therefore reducing site costs and minimising disruption to the surrounding environment. 

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