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Project Titan

Working alongside Wotton Donoghue Architects and CG Fry; Taunton Schools' brand new dining hall has been designed to provide an open plan space to serve both pupils and the wider community.

Constructional Timber was approached by the CG Fry to Design, Manufacture, supply and install all of the Glulam on this project. The Timber used was 100% PEFC Certified Spruce whitewood and was fastened together using high tensile grade 8.8 galvanised bolts.

Constructional timber worked closely with Wotton Donoghue Architects on the design and detailing of the frame, which adopts ‘concealed’ joints at the connections, allowing the frame to slot together on site relatively easily.
The roof’s coffered timber frame pattern was carefully transposed onto the internal floor finishes below, where interlocking timber beams are arranged in a matching pattern to create a visually coherent interior. The choice of CLT and Glulam frame brings warmth to the building’s interior and with a translucent fire-resistant coating enables the building’s frame to be expressed as the defining feature of the construction.

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