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What is Glulam?

The term glulam is an abbreviated term that stands for glue-laminated timber. A glulam beam is made with multiple layers of solid wood lumber bonded together with high-strength adhesive to form a single structural unit.

Glulam timber beams can be used in a wide variety of

applications and for both indoor and outdoor projects.


Common forms include:

Straight Glulam beams

Glulam lintels, purlins, ridge beams, and floor beams

Glulam Columns, including round, square, and sectioning

Tied rafters

Glulam Trusses

Glulam Tied arches

Glulam Arched bridge supports

Curved beams

What Are Laminated Timber Structures?


Glulam Structures are becoming an increasingly popular method of sustainable construction in comparison to the traditional Brick & Block techniques. These Glulam structures are made using a variety of timber components which can substitute out the processes of installing & working with steel rafters, concrete and brick.


Buildings can be put together in a fraction of the time using prefabs such as Timber Frames, Roof & Wall Cassettes, Insulated Panels, Glulam Beams, CLT Members etc. Not only are they a more economically viable solution in relation to reduced on-site times & installation fees but they also create a wonderful aesthetic end product with no need for cladding as well as being a sustainable method of construction.

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Where Do We Fit In?

Constructional Timber (Manufacturers) are vastly experienced in working on Glulam Structures. We have been trading since 1979 and in that time we have grown to become a leading force when it comes to engineered timber solutions. We can provide a full service in terms of the design, manufacture, supply & fit of a number of engineered timber elements including but not limited to:

Glulam Beams (both curved & straight, internal & external use)

Feature Trusses (in both glulam & solid section timber)

Engineered Roof & Wall Cassettes

CLT Panels

Roofing Grid Shells

Bespoke One Off Projects

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