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Hundegger K2 Industry CNC Machine

Setting new boundaries!

The Hundegger K2 Industry is the market leader in CNC Joinery!
The unrivalled specification of our machine offers solutions to suit every requirement. This ranges from small bespoke to large scale projects.


Tools for the Job!

Whether you choose a series of beams or a one-off production, our K2-industry offers maximum flexibility for the customer at speed.
 The Hundeggers wide range of tooling options means that tool changes are a thing of the past, which in turn greatly decreases lead times. 

Impressive Cutting Capacity!

The impressive Cutting capacity means that we can effectively process timber sections up to 1300 x 300mm. Our K2 Industry allows for the precise machining of Glulam, LVL ,CLT, SIPS and Solid section. The pinpoint CAD software eliminates any human error especially when marking out beams!


Click the pdf to download our brochure to see more of what our Hundegger K2 Industry has to offer!

If you would like to make an enquiry on any of our products or services, contact us on the link below, or call us direct

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