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Feature Trusses

Why Feature Trusses?

Feature trusses can be an eye-catching focal point, making a striking impact in a number of applications, from residential housing to retail stores & public houses. These beautifully hand-crafted exposed trusses create an open and spacious feeling to any room and can be designed by Constructional Timber (Manufacturers) Limited to suit your individual requirements. Both our in-house draughtsman and external design engineers are able to call upon a wealth of experience when it comes to the truss design types & materials available to create these outstanding features.

Design, Supply & Installation

Our feature trusses can be manufactured from Glulam Beams and incorporate steel tie rods for a modern, clean finish or be supplied in solid section Douglas Fir, sand-blasted green English Oak or Pitch Pine if you require a more traditional look. All joints are accurately formed in a controlled factory environment with a choice of either visible or concealed metalwork & bolts with a painted, galvanised or stainless steel finish to meet your taste. We provide a full package, from the design and detailing of the trusses to the delivery and site erection of our works.


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