Premiair - Manchester

Constructional Timber (Manufacturers Ltd) was tasked with the design, manufacturing and installation of all the Glulam beams and timber framed panels involved in this project. European Larch was mainly used for all the exposed elements which was used to assist in welcoming all the guests to the terminal.


Through years of research the main aim of the project was to open a bespoke exclusive private terminal for passengers which helped in delivering convenience and a premium experience to the customer. It is clear to see that the Glulam beams used in this project assisted in adding an element of class and sophistication to the structure, whilst also lowering the carbon footprint of the building compared to other forms of construction.

As a bespoke luxury service to one of the UK’s busiest airports, the way people look at airport terminals has totally changed, the whole project has invented a new and innovative design on how luxury and private terminals should look. The combination of both Larch outside and Spruce glulam inside welcomes the customer and provides less of a pressured environment for customers allowing them to relax without worrying about their gate-opening times and missing their flight. Having to arrive at the terminal 2 to 3 hours before your time of departure is a thing of the past, using this service you only have to turn up 30 minutes before your flight time, to which you are then chauffer driven to the base of the plane, just minutes before take-off. The warm and welcoming timber structure is set off with unparalleled runway views, bespoke furnishings and accompanied with authentic locally sourced cuisine, all to enhance the overall experience.

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